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Now Showing.  MAY.23 .2024  - MONTREAL more info
Group Show. DécouvArt @ Club St-Denis


On May 23, immerse yourself in a world of expression and creativity at DécouvART. Let yourself be inspired by the talent of seven artists in the beautiful luxerioius spaces of Club St-Denis. Featuring Artists: @maxturland @besner_art @charles_paradis @gabey_ @mylene.belanger @bradfirmino @rage.nic

Previous Events

JUL.13 - SEP.23 .2017  - MONTREAL more info
Group Show. COLOUR BY ICONS @ Never Apart


Colour by Icons is a colouring book project and gallery exhibit that aims to restore the importance of queer history and role models through an educational device that fills in some of the gaps of our past while colouring inside the lines.


The Colour by Icons LGBT Historic Colouring Book & posters are a fun and retro-kitsch project that also serves as an educational tool. So much of queer history has been erased and is not something we are taught in school. Growing up, many of us did not have queer role models. In this cool, collectible art book and posters series we celebrate some of queer history’s most colourful trailblazers: legends and heroic symbols of our struggles, talents and achievements. In Colour By Icons, it’s up to you to colour inside or outside the lines. 




Group Show. PETITS FORMATS @ Expo LOCAL 250

This is a group Art Show displaying the works of 20 Montreal's talents. Artists will have on display their original works in Small Format (Petits Formats) which usually makes for a fun and affordable show. Enjoy Artwork will debut 5 new PlexiGlass paintings never seen before! If you want to be inspired by local art or you're in search of some great original work, these small format shows usually are priced really well and you will find some great art at great prices; while at the same time supporting your local artists! Any art lover should make sure to checkout this show.


Featuring Artists: Dju Robinson, Dominique Desbiens, Francois Escalmel, Mathieu Laca, Melsa Montagne, Catherine Morin, Karine Léger, Sébastien Gaudette, Jean-Francois Labelle, Jaber Lutfi, Jihane Mossalim, Jean-Francois Lapointe, Marc-Frédéric Tuffelli, Abdala Kaufmann, Karo-design, Jean-Michel Cholette, Brad Firmino, Jean-philippe Mailhot, Sophie Wilkins, David Merk.


saturday. AUG.6 - SEP.23 - MONTREAL

Group Show. 12"x12" @ Galerie ABYSS

Featuring over 100 artworks by 65 artists 12×12 opened on August 6. One of Gallery ABYESS's hottest and busiest nights of the year! Curated By Pascal Leo Cormier. Enjoy Artwork has a trio of works featured in the show called "Summer Renaissance".


saturday MAY.7-JUNE.17- MONTREAL

Group Show. "Video Games" @ Galerie ABYSS

Video Games Opening night kicked off the exhibition running from May 7th until June 17th. Works Inspired by Street Fighter, Super Mario, GTA and Mortal Kombat are presented. There are also paintings that took a more critical approach, commenting on the notion of Games, Playing games and Original Game concepts.Add Event Details here


saturday. JAN.7 - FEB.12 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "Apocalypse" @ Galerie ABYSS

"In the end, not even our most prized possessions will be saved" 

An intriguing look by 25 artist into the "end of the world". What does that mean? What does that look like?  My painting, named "Apocalypse" is of one of the worlds most prized possessions, the sculpture "Venus de Milo" once adored, guarded and protected for its significance and beauty now abandoned, deserted and obsolete. 


saturday. NOV.14.15-JAN.07.16 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "TAROT" @ Galerie ABYSS

Tarot featuring 30 artists which recreated the major arcana of the universal tarot deck Add Event Details here


saturday. OCT.17-NOV.19 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "ALIENS" @ Galerie ABYSS

ALIENS Art Show. The theme is Aliens and UFOs. Opening night on Saturday, October 17th at Galerie ABYSS. Curated by Abdala Kaufmann And Pascal Leo Cormier.


thursday. SEP.24.15 - MONTREAL

Art Event. BOLD @ La Tulipe Theater

Enjoy Artwork is taking part in a big Art Event "RAW Artists: BOLD Event" in Montreal, for the event, we must raise ticket sales to ensure our spot at the show. You can Help Support our place at the show by purchasing a Ticket below! The focus is on affordable Art, I'll be showcasing 30+ POP Art works starting at just $99. PLUS I'll be revealing 5 New Plexiglass Paintings!!

Over 30 of Montreal's top emerging artists under one roof!
Tickets are $15 pre-sale and $20 at the door
Event is 18+


saturday. SEP.19.15 & SEP.30.15 - MONTREAL

Art Auction. @ Galerie D & Espace Réunion

Vernissage. SEP.19 @ Galerie D: 1200 Amherst - 5pm-10pm

The Artsida 6 vernissage will provide an opportunity for the public to meet the artists, as well as preview the collection before it goes to auction. Held at the unique and singular La Galerie on Saturday September 19th 2015, this free gallery exhibition will include additional artwork on sale exclusively for the night of the vernissage. This is a great chance to come check out the art up close and pass an enthralling evening with wine and hors d’oeuvres.


Auction. SEP.30 @ Espace Réunion: 6600 rue Hutchison - 6pm-10:30pm

The 6th Artsida event is a fundraiser for AIDS Community Care Montreal, a volunteer-based community organization working to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, to prevent HIV transmission, and to promote community awareness and action.


thursday AUG.06.15 - SEP.10.15 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "12x12" @ Galerie ABYSS

Montreal group show featuring 50+ Artists. Each artist created their own unique signature works of art on 12"x12". I created a mixed media piece made up of Acrylic paint, spray paint and vintage news print on wood panel, in a scene i like to call "La Pieta Galaxy"

Visit the Galerie ABYSS in Montreal's Griffintown. You can visit their Facebook page here for more details.


saturday JUL.04.15 - AUG.04.15 - MONTREAL

Group Show "COMIX" @ Gallerie ABYSS

Montreal group show featuring 20+ Artists. Each artist created their own unique works of art inspired by Comics. I've included 3 New BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN & SUPERMAN Virgin Mary's to the show and the Mixed Media Collectibles Series. #InBrandWeTrust


sunday JUN.14.15 - MONTREAL

Product Launch. "Colour by Icons" Colouring book @ Never Apart

I worked with "Never Apart" a non-profit orignization to develop this fun iconic adult colouring book. The book celebrates LGBT historical figures, with 24 Illustrations to colour.


You can purchase your own copy of the book here


saturday JUN.06.15-JUL.04.15 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "FairyTails" @ Galerie ABYSS

Montreal group show featuring 30 Artists. Each artist created their own unique works of art inspired by the theme Fairy Tails. I decided to do my own version of "Jack & the Beanstalk" Jack (and his buddy) have climbed high above the sky by the temptation of a magic beanstalk and glimmering gold Coins. They discover a castle sitting above the cloud, they cautiously approach the castles steps to discover what's inside.

Visit the gallery in Montreal's Griffintown. The show will be up until the end of June, you can visit their Facebook page here for more details.


FEB.28.15 - MAY. 31.15 - MONTREAL

Art Event. Nuit Blanche 2015 @ Fresh Paint Gallery

For its 12th edition on February 28, the Nuit blanche à Montréal invites you to plunge into the wildest winter night of the year! A shared passion for culture and the arts flows forth and takes hold of the city. Join us Opening Night at Fresh Paint Gallery for the unvieling of a whole new set of murals, including a mural by Enjoy Artwork and art from some of Montreal's most talented street artists. If your not able to make opening night, all murals will be on display from Feb 28- June 1, so come check'm out and support your local talent!


+READ the interview with "Fresh Paint Gallery" here


saturday. OCT.4.14 - VANCOUVER

Live Auction. "Carl and Les Annual Fall Gala 2014" @ Robert Kenny Gallery

Enjoy Artwork will be donating a work of Art in support of the "Out in Schools" cause. Along with 9 other Featured artists who are donating their pieces for the Silent and Live Art Auction. This event is an evening of glamour, Art curation by Barry Dumka , gourmet food by Eduardo Diaz De Leon, fantastic Entertainment by Symone Says, Music by Ian Martin, surprise spectacle with Brent Ray Fraser hosted at Robert Paris Kenneys Gallery. This is a way of giving back to the community as the largest fundraiser for Out in Schools.


thursday. JUN.19.14 - TORONTO

Solo Show. "MIND+BODY" Opening Night @ the Peach Gallery.

MIND + BODY is a two part collection; MIND is celebration of our innate need and our miraculous ability to create and our infinite connection with the universe as a whole. BODY is a celebration of our selves as human beings, our roots and connection with the Earth. Together MIND + BODY creates a unity of dark and light, colour and tone, the physical and metaphysical combination of our minds and bodies. It’s a celebration of  the elements necessary to being human.


thursday. JUN.19.14 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "When Big is Small" @ Zephyr Gallery

60 artists participated creating 3 works each (10"x10") 180 works total at $300 each or less!


saturday. JUN.14.14 - MONTREAL

Live Event. Group activity @ "ProAction Collage Summer Party 2014"

Dissecting the painting process by utilizing four semi transparent layers of colour, resulted in an interactive group activity for 150 people. People participated by following their provided map and painting every square inch with specific strokes and layers of colour, slowly reveling the final image. After 64 steps/layer x 4 layers of colour = 256 steps!


sunday. AUG.11.13 - MONTREAL

Solo Show. "BODY" Opening Night @ Galerie203

Introducing a new collection of paintings, the collection is divided into two whole parts; the first half of the collection is called Body, which I’ll be revealing Opening Night at Galerie203 the second half will be revealed later next Spring 2014.


Part 1. “Body” is a spiritual journey to becoming and feeling grounded, being in the present moment in time, an inner reflection on who we are as living beings and our innate connection to the Earth.


tuesday. MAY.15.13 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "Veuve Cliequot Yellow Art" @ Galerie203

A festive vernissage with champahne, showing pieces created for the occasion by 10 Montreal avant-garde artisits, inspired by Veuve Clicquot's art de vivre.


wednesday. APR.24.13 - MONTREAL

Group Project. "Mona Lisa Grad" @ ProAction College

I was asked to organize a Collaborative effort with the 1st year graduates of the new Pro Action business school. Each student of the class provided a 6"square paper that represented their experience with the school. All the students papers together created the backdrop for this painting.


tuesday. DEC.19.12 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "Gallerie203 Annual Winter Show" @ Galerie203

This group exhibition will be an opportunity for everyone to discover everything all the artists of Gallery 203. The diversity of styles, techniques, materials and artistic challenges of each are in Gallery 203, the place of constant questioning, a round trip between various forms of artistic creation. We invite you to discover the world of our artists through this unique event that is the Christmas show.


thursday. SEP.6.12 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "POP-UP Show" @ Fresh Paint Gallery

Group show including several artist, street artist and gallery artist alike creating their own version and take of the classic carnival face cut out.


saturday. JUN.30.12 - MONTREAL

Group Show. "Rope+Thread=ISM" @ St-Brigide de Kildare Church

Rope+Thread=ISM is a multidisciplinary art event bringing together many of Montreal’s most talented creators. The two week event will mark the debut of artist/ designer K. Atiq as he presents an innovative collection of painting, sculpture, fashion, photo, and installation.The show will also feature many inspired collaborators and a full schedule of events; dance, circus, music, film, interactive works and street performance.


thursday. MAY.3.12 - TORONTO

Solo Show. "Burning Confessions" @ the Vintage Conservatory

On May 3rd, we invte you to join us as we enjoy an evening together for a worthy and local cause "Remember 2 Give". In our inaugural year we are hosting the event at the Vintage Conservatory. Featured at the event is the unvailing of Brad Firmino's latest collection "Burning Confessions"


wednesday. FEB.15.12 - MONTREAL

Group Exhibit. "PRESS START" @ Fresh Paint Gallery

A group exhibit featuring a wide range of art from Montreal's most influential young and talented artists. The "PRESS START" collection is on display along with creations in the realm of pop art, street and graffiti art.


saturday. NOV.19.11 - MONTREAL

Solo Show. Revealing "PRESS START" @ Resistance Boardshop

Art inspred from the Games we love! Opening night Game on. PRESS START is essentially a pop art collection, with a neo classical influence on 3 classic video games. It’s a homage to some of the top most influential games in gaming history, Super Mario Bros.(1985), Street Fighter 2 (1992) and Mortal Kombat (1993).


sunday. AUG.21.11 - MONTREAL

Live Event. Live "Street Painting" demo @ Saint Catherine Street

Saint Catherine Street fair, one of Montreal's largest streets was closed off from vehical traffic and opened to pedestrians allowing them to walk freely and enjoy what the shops have to offer while being entertained by live demos and events.


friday. JUL.8.11 - MONTREAL

Solo Show. Revealing "From Night to Dawn" @ SOS Sourire

My first collection of works, this is also the first introduction to my splashing technique. Each piece is original, painted in a loose semi-abstract style in bright colours and repeated images keeping that Pop art aesthetic. My objective was to give an expressive quality to each and every piece adding character within their own unique shapes, colours, textures and markings.

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