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From Night to Dawn


Paintings | Collection | 2011 | 32 works

I’d have to begin by saying; this collection was a lot of fun to create! I spent a lot of time dancing to my iPod and listening to my favorite tunes while experimenting and throwing around paint. It is an exploration into new techniques for me, I’d call it Renaissance inspired, Semi abstract Pop Art, painted using glossy Acrylic paint. The name "From Night to Dawn" is derived from the images used, which feature several Michelangelo sculptures named respectively “Night” “Dawn” and also “Lorenzo”.


Each piece is original, painted in a loose semi-abstract style in bright colours and repeated images keeping that Pop art aesthetic. My objective was to give an expressive quality to each and every piece adding character with their own unique shapes, colours, textures and markings.

Each canvas has been dunked in a rich coating of paint giving it that glossy smooth finish. I then created the images by pouring paint, using brushes and by hand, literally; I’d dip my hand in paint and throw, apply or drip the paint directly from my hands. Each additional layer was laid on thick in order to get the full true brilliant colour and texture of the paint.

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