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Burning Confessions

Mixed Media | Collection | 2012 | 8 works

It is through my art I ignite my flame and expose my burning confessions.

Burning Confessions is a collection of Mixed Media masterpieces; a hypnosis of time, lust, desire, sex & sin, amongst a façade of beauty, religion and commercialism.


These three dimensional works are constructed entirely of vintage paper from PLAYBOY (1964) & PARIS MATCH (1958) magazines, printed on with computer graphics and detailed in paint & found objects. Specific pages were carefully chosen from the magazines, ripped from their binding and then printed on. The new prints were then carefully composed, layered and constructed in a technique similar to sculpting. The paper is placed and works detailed with origami roses, beads, gems & classical brass clock parts, composed in a traditional hand made graphic design fashion and set in place with a strong, clear, glossy medium. The clock elements are a symbol of disoriented time, the merging of past, present and future all occurring at the same instant. All edges of the paper have been torn and burnt giving these works an element of permanence; a symbol of our burning desires, death and the choices we make in our lives that change us forever. The backgrounds are finished with a special shimmering duel colour paint that changes from blue to violet (depending on the viewing angle) and then overlaid with stencils in metallic gold of patterns mimicking crosses and confessional screens. Finally the works are framed in beautiful ornate frames that have been drowned in a warm white acrylic paint, the same paint in which also borders the artworks themselves sealing the edges and renders both the frame and art as one single piece.


Countless details were put into these masterpieces, every inch thoroughly thought out and placed with intention. Look carefully and you’ll find something new every time, discover and unfold each works mystery and their story each has to tell.



"Pieta Burning"

Mixed Media | 24"x35" | $3,500

The largest of the collection, this work features the Virgin Mary (Pieta) holding the body of Christ. Christ’s stomach has been torn open exposing a filling of what appears to be gems and a single red rose which is a symbol of his life and rebirth. They rest upon a bouquet of origami roses surrounded by details of colourful beads, while hidden vintage ads and playboy playmates lurk in the background. Details in the layers, folds and cutouts provide true qualities of sculpture to this paper masterpiece. The overlapping layers create depth to Mary as she supports her dying sons fragile body, his head is set back and shoulder literally flung over the tight grasp of her hand, which truly appears to be slipped underneath him. These subtle details create a realism and depth that provide the illusion there are actually two physical bodies intertwined.

Playboy Giuliano
Mixed Media
"Playboy Giuliano"

Mixed Media | 16"x19" | $2,200

Giuliano, brother of Lorenzo is a noble man, he’s out going, good looking, smart and charming there’s no doubt he’s desired by many women. He sits authoritatively ready to take on his next challenge meanwhile women’s gazes surround him literally peeling away at his desirable muscular physic. An organic fractal perfectly designed by nature is exposed in the pit of Giuliano’s stomach, infinitely spiraling deeper as a symbol of his everlasting immortality.

"Lorenzo 7up"

Mixed Media | 16"x19" | $2,200

Sometimes overshadowed by his younger brother Giuliano, Lorenzo sits calmly and attentive, he is shy, thoughtful and creative. Lorenzo is an artist at heart and strives for new innovative methods to hone his skills. He enjoys the phenomenon of popular culture and this new commercial world that’s beginning to surface, he is aware of its ever-increasing importance in the modern world and it’s just at arms reach. Lorenzo adores the women in his life, although secretly he prefers the more masculine gender. A red rose burns in the pit of Lorenzo’s stomach representing the anguish he has for the yearning taste of his hidden desires.

"Pieta Morning"

Mixed Media | 7"x7" | SOLD

The bust of Virgin Mary looms within the horizon of a beautifully lit sky, morning the loss of a child. The bust is set deep like a wound in a concaved layered design that continues from the outer white ornate frame to the center inner heart of the bust. Gold trimmed origami roses mimic pages of the bible rest below, along with details of lustrous colourful beads and brass roman numerals.

"Hallucinogenic Moses"

Mixed Media | 19"x19" | SOLD

Moses appears to be in a hypnotic, hallucinogenic state, hands emerge from all around him grooming and stroking his long beard and body. Sex lurks in all corners of this colourful piece, while liquor ads and hot sports cars further entice the thrill. A woman peers over his shoulder, her hand bearing bright red nail polish caresses his chest, her breast exposed in the middle of his abdomen, her other hand brushes his knee slowly making its way down towards her lacy underwear nearing his shins. Moses is decorated with a bright brass halo, origami roses and clock parts that surround him in a chaotic manner. Details in the crack of a hand reveal beads that tumble out like droplets of water.

"Giuliano Portrait"

Mixed Media | 4"x5" | $250

A portrait of Giuliano layered upon a stack of burnt paper bears the Roman numeral nine on his chest. A nude women, wearing heart shaped sunglasses, dances in the background. This piece although small, still maintains the collections attention to detail.

"Lorenzo Portrait"

Mixed Media | 4"x5" | $250

A portrait of Lorenzo layered upon a stack of burnt paper bears the Roman numeral ten on his chest. A group of hipster men and women play in the background. This piece although small, still maintains the collections attention to detail.

"Cosmic Pieta"

Mixed Media | 11"x14" | $800

A graphic outline of the Virgin Mary (Pieta) appears holding Christ amongst a constellation of planets that swirls around them. Earth develops from the center of her womb signifying reincarnation and the vastness of life. Liquid gold pours down like blood, among a red origami rose and colourful beads at their foot.

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