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About Enjoy Artwork

By Brad Firmino

Enjoy Artwork

The Enjoy Artwork brand is a series of fun and innovative works of Art, created & Designed by artist Brad Firmino.


Enjoy Artwork is a fun place to visit, explore, play and collect Art. My approach and vision for Enjoy Artwork is a creative outlet to unite my passion for fine art, digital art and interative media; a fussion of collections and art products under a single brand name. Designed to appeal to a large range of people; the active art collector to the newbie that is looking for their first piece. Enjoy Artwork is a home to view and buy art online, a fun and interactive experience, that delights the senses, inspireing new ideas, nourishing the imagination through an immersive world filled with collectibles and art. Enjoy Artwork is a meld of two worlds, the virtual and reality, a place peppered with secrets and hidden works just waiting to be discovered. Come along, play and enjoy the ride.



Brad Firmino

The artist


My name is Brad Firmino, I’m a visual artist, Painter & Graphic Designer, originally from Vancouver BC, I now live and work from Montreal QC Canada. I am a self-taught artist and love to play and experiment with all kinds of different mediums and techniques. I have a passion for art, design, innovation and interactive media; Enjoy Artwork is a combination of all these things I love.


Art is my religion. Classical icons, religion, pop culture and video games all play a big part in my art. I like using classic icons references such as Mona Lisa, the Virgin Mary, Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. With a classical composition my Art thrives in the Renaissance Period, distorted through a POP art filter, bathed in neon video arcade lights, geometry, and digital backdrops. I enjoy replicating classical renaissance techniques while keeping a contemporary edge and meld with modern day. This is a rebirth of old, capturing the contemporary mind’s eye, a unique sensibility for a new era. Follow the faith. Enjoy.


I dedicate my life to my craft. I am constantly inspired with new ideas and I am always thinking of what fun things to create next. Art is not only a passion of mine, it’s who I am, its how I live my life. I’m a natural born creator and its Art that keeps me alive!


Enjoy Artwork is just one example of one persons passion; I hope to liberate and inspire other people to follow and pursue their own dreams and passions too. I am fortunate to be able to do what I love; I enjoy creating beautiful art and I just hope everybody gets the chance to do what they enjoy.




"Art is

not only a passion of mine, it's who I am, it's how I live my life."- Brad Firmino

"Lorenzo Galaxy"
"Virign Mary upon the Earth"
"Dawns Horizon"
"Lorenzo 7up"
"Matador Coin"
"Chun-li Glitch"
"M.Bison Violet"
"Playboy Giulliano"
"Pieta Nebula"

The Enjoy Artwork brand is

a series of fun


works of Art.

Created & Designed

by artist

Brad Firmino.



Come along and enjoy the ride.

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